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Terms and conditions - Марбелья аренда автомобиля, Малага и Гибралтар
Марбелья аренда автомобиля

Terms and conditions


неограниченный пробег
C.D.W. (частичные столкновение ущерб колебаться)
Т.П ( отказ от частичной кражи)
24 Служба помощи часов дороги
выбрать вверх/падение офф автомобилей на нашем предприятии; другие варианты по запросу; за дополнительную плату могут применяться
НДС 21%


Дополнительный водитель, € 4,00 в день,минимум € 8,00, Максимальная € 50,00 в договор аренды
Молодой водитель 19-25 лет (доступно только для группы C-E: € 9,00 в день, минимум € 27,00, Максимальная € 125,00
Детские / детское сиденье: € 4,00, Максимальная € 50,00
GPS € 7,00 в день, минимум €20, Максимальная € 80,00 (deposit € 100,00)
Топливо, to be paid, when picking up the vehicle
Traffic fines, tow trucks due to negligence and/or due to omission of the general traffic law, cleanling of upholstery, error in refueling, lost or damged keys, damage to wheels, glass, clutch, roof, underbody of the vehicle and costs involved; not fixed accessories such as antenna, radio, securitiy vest, etc.
Optional insurance for wheels and glass:

Groups C-E: € 6,00/day, минимум € 20,00, maximum 70,00 в договор аренды.
Group Q: € 9,50/day, минимум € 38,00 , Максимальная € 125
Rest of groups: € 8,00/day, минимум € 25,00, Максимальная € 85,00


When picking up the vehicle, the security deposit will be charged onto your credit card and will be refunded, if we have received the vehicle back with no new damages.


Our rental price includes insurance with an excess, which you would have to be pay in case of damage.
You can reduce the excess to *ZERO by paying the daily waiver; this must be acquired, when picking up the vehicle, the latest, the same as any other additional insurances.

* The following is NOT covered in any case:
Traffic fines, tow truck due to driver´s negligence or omission of the general traffic law;
cleaning of upholstery; error in refueling, lost or damaged keys and costs involved; damage to glass & wheels (additional insurance available), clutch, roof, underbody of the vehicle and costs involved; not built-in / fixed accessories such as antenna, CD/radio, securitiy vest, shelf, hubcaps, etc.; driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; damages caused because of driving on unpaved roads / off road; any damage /accident incidents not reported to MARBELLA RENT A CAR within 24 hours by forwarding a police or damage report or if report is forwarded with false details and/or misrepresentation of facts; report must be filled in with all details of parties involved and must be signed by both; otherwise, all costs may be on the driver´s expenses.

Голосование первым

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